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June 22nd, 2009

06:52 am - Peeps on Display

Yesterday, we went to Artomatic in Washington DC (running May 29 through July 5), and the best exhibits there by far were the Peeps Diorama Contest entries. I took pictures of almost all of themunder the cut.Collapse )

(Crossposted from my journal. asphodel_ale sent me here.)

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01:44 am
Hi, all!

Just joined today, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a big fan of Peepanalia, especially the plushies. I have two plush cats (both the brown and the purple), as well as the multicolored bunnies in the cardboard box. My latest purchase was a rubber Peep, which I gave to my mother, who's into rubber ducks.

I remember fondly the days of my childhood, and getting Peeps in my Easter basket. My favorites were the bunnies, which I would eat starting with the ears and working my way down. That was in the day when the chicks only came in yellow, and the bunnies were a new addition, so that shows you how old I am.

Best thing about Peeps today? Ghost Peeps for Halloween

Worst thing about Peeps today? The ginormous amounts in the average box, which I'm never able to finish before they go stale. (A 4-pack is about my limit, now that I'm over 30.)

Peep I'd like to see: devil-Peeps in Target red for Halloween!

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April 9th, 2007

04:33 pm - no posts since last year ;-;
Happy Belated Peeps Day!!Collapse )
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November 21st, 2005

06:46 pm - Perverts
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Peeps people are perverted.
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October 4th, 2005

07:00 pm - The Kitty Peep
I saw at Target the other day the stuffed Kitty Peep, well two of them, I know the peep itself is a purplish gray color, but the stuffed peep looked like a chocolate color, the other one was a purple. What sucked was all they had was pumpkin and ghost peeps, I have yet to find the kitty peep. So I bought pumpkins and ghosts, I did have enough for the stuffed peeps, but I will get them soon, oh yes I will...

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September 23rd, 2005

11:05 am - Mmmm Peeps
So ADDICTED. So far I've only bought 3 packages of peeps, 1 ghost, and 2 pumpkins. ^_^
I wish they'd make more beanie peeps and stuff, just for Halloween. That'd be so cool.

What is it about Peeps that makes them so irresistable?!?
Except for my friend, she hates them. @_X
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September 18th, 2005

02:31 pm - Peep Art
My dad's email conversation with a Peep artist:

----- Original Message -----
From: "David McCann"
To: <anngets@bcn.net>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 8:36 PM
Subject: Peeps in landscapes

> Dear Ann Getsinger,
> My wife and I were in Lenox two weeks ago, walking past the Heirlooms
> Gallery, when we spotted the Peeps paintings. Our daughter is a great
> follower of Peeps and the Perspectives of Peeps, as are we...
> Are any of those paintings available as prints, by any chance?
> I noticed on the card for the Pumpkin and Wolf Pine, prints are mentioned...
> Thanks. We enjoyed your other work at the gallery too!

From: Ann Getsinger <anngets@bcn.net>
To: David McCann

Thanks for your interest in my paintings of Peeps. My one and (so
far)only print available is of the Pumpkin and Wolf Pine. Enjoying and
appreciating paintings of Peeps is not for everybody. It takes a
certain quirky taste and good humor I think, where prints are usually made of
images with a more general interest due to the cost and effort of producing
them. So, no, I don't have any prints and see it as highly unlikely that I
ever will. But, if I ever do, you'll be among the first to know.

I compliment you, your wife, and daughter for your atypical taste and
thank you very much for your interest. With best wishes, Ann Getsinger

P.S. If you'd like to receive announcements of any upcoming exhibits
just send back your address(es?) and I'll add it/ them to my list. My new
work is very different from what's hanging at Heirlooms.

How could my Dad not have spent $500 on a Peeps painting??!!

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September 7th, 2005

04:54 pm - Fresh Peeps
I am eating a fresh box of Ghost Peeps, yummmmmmmm

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August 17th, 2005

07:47 pm - PEEPS!!!
Totally saw Peeps at Garden Ridge Pottery here in San Antonio, they also had new halloween baskets to put all your peeps in!!! I cant wait for payday!!!
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